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My 1995-2000 Guestbook is still around, if you're curious.

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Bar of Color

Still cleaning up OK.
Speculative Fiction

Other Interests
* The Heinlein Forum
Brian Wilson

* Alpha Sigma Phi at Binghamton
* The Galactic Citizen
* Carl Wilson

Bad Puns
Robert A. Heinlein
The Beach Boys

* Spiedies
Holly Lisle
Manfred Mann

NY Mets

The Heinlein Society
Bil Krauss

Baltimore Orioles

James Taylor

NY Islanders

Space Exploration

* These are pages I maintain!

I also have an outdated page devoted to other people's sites and a tribute page for Lucy Puppy Pointer that you can visit.

Bar of Color

I have a small photo album if you like that sort of thing, although it's not current by about two decades!

All you -really- need to see is in the picture below; those were the days!
My karate kids in 2010
I have collected other interesting/meaningful links--
My links & files page was last verified for working links on 12/23/19,
but there hasn't been anything new added for quite some time.

Proud to have been an SFF Net Member; may its memory be a blessing.

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